Don’t expect a traditional restaurant when you open the doors to Pesca. We’ve thrown out all the old rules, so no more menu’s or table service. It’s all about the experience at our fish market. After a warm welcome, guests will be guided by one of our fishmongers who will help to choose the fish for that evening. Next stop is the world of beverages, where guests can select from a range of different wines or beers accompanied by our sommelier to create the ultimate tasting sensation. By means of a buzzer the guests will be notified when their food is ready to be picked up at the kitchen. In this way, guests are invited to participate in the routing of this unique concept and to experience the theatre of fish!

Doing things differently
The popularity of fish is rising. People are changing their diets. Peope become more aware of eating healthy, and so become more enthusiastic about the many different flavours that fish has to offer. But, there is also frustration. Where can we eat fish nowadays of good quality? And where can we be surprised by the good prices and a special experience? Many people are done with traditional restaurants, white linen and extremely high bills. Time for change! And so we did. In 2016 we won the price Best Hospitality Concept’ awarded by Entree Magazine!

We make fish accessible for everyone by a special pricing policy. During the course of the evening the fishmongers will lower the price of the fish. The fish market has a dynamic structure, without a menu, depending on daily supply, seasonal availability and weather conditions. We aim for the best quality fish for the lowest price! A bonus being that we also greatly reduce our food waste. Next to that, because of the guests participating in the routing of the restaurant, less employees are needed and so the employee costs of Pesca are drastically lower compared to the rest of the market. By means of these cost reductions we can offer the fish for a lower price to the guests and reach a bigger segment: we make fish accessible for a big audience.

Our entire team works in the profit sharing model, which is a complete new style of management. We divide 10% of the profit within the team. Because of this, the mindset of the employees changes, which results in ownership, a positive and dedicated mindset and a coherent team. Next to that, this management style results in almost no turnover and people calling in sick.

Find us in Amsterdam in the Jordaan area – Rozengracht 133!

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